Yeah, you could say I have a little weapon fetish. ;) I'm a FIRM believer in the
RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, a right that is sadly fading fast. All my guns were
legally bought and registered. Well... except the first gun I ever bought from a
dude named "Crusher" on Woodward Ave. in Detroit when I was 16. But
remember I had moved out by myself and had to have protective backup living in
"not the best part" of town. I no longer have that gun, when i heard "Crusher"
went to jail I reliquished it into the Detroit River.
These are the guns I have, and hope to add more. Same with the knives--I hope
to have a Medieval Dagger collection of value someday.
Sig P220
Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum
Pearl92 Special Edition
German HK Machine Gun
Spread Dagger
Stargate Dagger
Winchester Semi-auto 22
Taurus 38 Special blue steel snubnose
These two are my favorites for carrying, and yes I have a permit
Rossi 22
Taurus handcarvedwood on blue steel 38 Special
Ammunition of choice
Remington Golden Saber combat hollowpoints