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Dungeon Sorceress

From: California
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Posted: Aug 6, 2003 2:47pm    Reply with quote   View Profile of Dungeon Sorceress  

Where are you?

Never too old to Rock and Roll!

Dungeon Warrior
From: Philadelphia, PA
772 Posts
Posted: Aug 16, 2003 3:57am    Reply with quote   View Profile of Ed  

Well, I kinda touched on this in another thread but this would have been a better thread to post.

There just has been a lot of sickness in the family. That, along with the sickness of Miss Sarah really started to get to me. I took a break and went to Texas for a bit of a vacation to see my brother. COmming home to this again, and facing up with a few people from my past, I just kinda lost interest in almost everything.

Now it's time to just start to take care of myself again and not dwell around like some sort of damn invalid. That does no good.

It's just gonna take a while to get the gears of this machine full well rolling again. I'll creak and groan for a while, but soon enough, I'll be rolling again.

Hello my friends!
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