To Mary, the HTML Wizardess, for going above and beyond the duty of the dear friend
that she is, enduring my psychotic frustrations, metal madness-- without whom, my
jukeboxes would be Rockless, and Id still be fighting those popups on Geocities! You
taught me sooooo much.
To her inGENEious significant other, who rescripted my games to play and for all the
scripts hes let me use :)
To you both for your excellent Web Hosting Service.
Anyone looking for superior WebHosting or Web Site Creation, click the logo.

To Flash Ho for making the jukebox pic come to life, keeping me in motivated
confusion, and making Magick an internet star ;)

To Hurley Rider for making those first background sound files, that gave some pages life
and provoked me to learn HOW to do it. Ha---Ive gone crazy with it now.

To David----whos friendship I SO treasure, and not just because you kept me from launching
my computer out the window a thousand times ;) But for always being there, patient and
caring making me laugh, sharing, and TRYING to teach me things.
You own a chunk of my heart ya know :)

To all the cool people at WSF, who put up with my insane ramblings, kept me going
and advised so well. I wouldve given up without ya!

To ALL my rockin' friends who sent me pics and permissions to use them, especially you
Long Haired Bad Boys! purrrrrrrrrr

Special thanks to Mark at Chipster for keeping the WASP info coming, and to
Steve for hooking me up. :)

To Sam aka Sam the Snowman aka Samation for his animation creations for
the Dungeon Spotlight pages, and keeping me motivated to try new programs
with his easy to understand tutorials--not to mention what a cool friend he's