that live with me
This is Magick, guardian of
my Dungeon. Shes 5 years
old, 18 pounds of mini-
panther, and the most well-
behaved, loyal cat I've ever
had, and I've had several.
Baby Magick
Fanged and hissing Magick
Black Magick
This is Voodoo. He was born on
Halloween, which makes him about
12 weeks old at the time I'm making
this page. He's adorable, very
friendly and fast as a bullet with fur.
He drives Magick to higher ground-
she still refuses to acknowledge his
existence unless it's to bitch slap him
out of her face. He seems to love
that tho. Guess you could say they
have an S and M relationship.

Voodoo--- aka Hellion aka Nightmare
aka Shredder ;)
Like me, he loves the DARK
Pandora is a Red Amelianstic Albino Corn Snake. Now 4 years old and
5 feet long, she got me over my fear of snakes. She never bites
humans and loves to be held. Got her from a cool reptile breeder
when I lived in California, whose favorite band is WASP. :)
:( This is...I mean was......Ozzy. He
passed away a few weeks ago, after 3
years with me. I found him in a
dumpster in California, cage and all.
Can you believe someone trashed
this furry little cutie? I miss the little
rodent. And NO, I didn't feed him to
Pandora when he died.
Outside -I have two large crows, several bunnies, a dog that isn't mine but chooses to live
in my yard instead of his, a barn owl, and two bat houses with I don't know how many bats
in them (they pack in there like sardines). Hard to get pictures of these yard guests, but I'm
still trying. The dog is so ugly he'd break the camera.

Baby Pandora 4 weeks old
Pandora's Box
Pandora Knot