I got one tatoo 7 years ago, and found I quickly became
addicted, not just to the permanent art it created, but to the
ink and needles.
I have 9 tatoos now, my limit is going to be 10--the final one
will be a WASP tatoo, whenever I make/find the right
creation for it. If youre artistic and would like to send me
an idea, that would be COOL.
Since I am mostly Native American Indian (yeah I know
Indians dont have blonde hair, guess the genes I got are on
the INSIDE) most of my tatooes are Indian. The other two
done for love. Heres some pics of them.
3 on left arm
Black Wolf (my Indian name)
Warrior Band
Sun and Moon collide
left arm art
This is the tat made in
replication of my cat Magick--
when shes pistnhissin >>>>>
<<<<<this is where its at.

left lower back
left ankle
This tat has a long sad story
behind it, but in essence, yellow
roses have always been a
passion of mine. This tat is on
the back of my neck, rarely seen
unless my hair is up. It has
initials embedded in it twice.